Growing new stories together

What is family therapy?

Family therapy looks for solutions in relationships rather than in individuals. In other words, family therapists believe the key to unlocking the  answers we are all looking for is to be found in our connections with others. The stories we tell ourselves about our families may enable us to grow or hold us back, so the stories are worth examining. There are many different understandings of the word ‘family’ and so sometimes this kind of therapy is called ‘systemic’, referring to the system around us, and so including our community, the people with whom we work and socialise, and our history.

For further information about family therapy, see the leaflet ‘What is family therapy?’ which is available as a free download from

Our intentions

  • Recognising all that has gone before, and brought you to this place, we are interested in your ‘roots, trunk and branches’, your extended family, your strengths and values
  • Respecting where you are now, we explore the current challenges for you as a couple and/or family
  • Recreating a new story with you and your family, we encourage you to look to the future with hope