Couple or Family Therapy

This is an opportunity for you and your partner or you and your family to meet with us on your own.

Both therapists are present in the room and we work together with your family, exploring your current concerns, and creating with you a new way forward. We operate from Poole and cover the county of Dorset. Areas of greater distance can be discussed and mutually agreed. The specific venues would be arranged in advance.

We offer an introductory session for up to 90 minutes at £95 to see if the approach fits for you. All subsequent sessions of 60 minutes are £80 each.

Process Map

  • Enquiry made & received
  • Verbal agreement of introductory date, time & venue
  • Confirmed by payment received via PayPal
  • Introductory session takes place
  • Mutually agreed contract signed for further sessions
  • Sessions commence and contract renewed as discussed and agreed