“Nothing is more important than the agreements we make with ourselves”

(Don Miguel Ruiz, 1997)

Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements form the cornerstones of our practice, fitting with our values both personally and professionally and chiming with the newly developing UKCP code of virtue ethics.

  • Be impeccable with our word

    We believe in the importance of attention to language, both what it is and what it does. Language is one means of communication and self-expression; it can be used to create different stories and develop new meaning for both ourselves and others. Our intention is to come from an open and honest place, which is transparent as well as confidential, and where the use and understanding of language can be safely explored. In practice this means we will endeavour to communicate truthfully and accurately, be clear about what is being offered and remedy any misunderstandings swiftly.

  • Don’t take anything personally

    As a starting point we believe everyone is doing the very best they can given the circumstances and knowledge they have at the time. Holding  compassion for ourselves and others, and being non judgemental, we encourage ownership and responsibility for action and bringing about change.

  • Don’t make assumptions

    Throughout the trajectory of the work (however brief or long term) we will operate collaboratively, seeking out and honouring your views, values and strengths. We will clarify with you your expectations and understanding of what family therapy is, and whether it can be a useful approach for you and your family at this time.

  • Always do our best

    As practitioners we are governed by our professional body the UKCP, and by AFT. They provide the guidelines and we provide the genuine work ethic. We will pay attention to our training and supervisory needs, enabling us to maintain our professionalism and work efficiently and effectively providing evidence-based interventions. We will keep records appropriately and safely in accordance with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) standards.